Class: Wise Messengers

Through the 29th: Spend Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-8pm with Pamela exploring Wise Messengers among us.
Cost: $25/class

Now accepting credit cards! 
Classes will be held at:
7491 Talbert Ave.
Suite 200-7
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Call 714-375-1787 to RSVP!

Come create and build a unique and intimate relationship with your own personal Messengers…
Learn their names, personalities, how to call upon them, and how they reflect your own Spirit of Love.
 Learn about their desire to surround you in Love and Light and how it can be experienced and used to strenghten your own gifts! 
These Divine Beings are Love, Light, and Joy! This is an invitation to explore their wonder and to experience your own understanding of them-they are anxious to remind us just how appreciative they are of the work that we do and how they enjoy being a part of that work.

Come and discover how they co-exist and communicate within and through you in their own unique way-every day!