About Pam Teague, C.Ht.

Through many years of studying a myriad of techniques. Pamela has become a master of integrating the power of hypnosis with the sensory experiences of universally symbolic imagery, physical experience and perception.  She integrates the latest techniques of sound therapy with the ancient arts of crystal healing and the ancient wisdom of archetypal imagery to create an individualistic secure environment that compliments each unique individual and their personal strengths learning systems and goals.

Pamela, a metaphysician, healer, and student of hard knocks, has been assisting people to discover their own path for over 25 years.

Read about Pamela’s practice in the Huntington Beach Independent “REPORTER’SNOTEBOOK: Blocking BadBehavior” by Ashley Breeding.

January 29, 2009

New Streaming Video Release!
Healing With Crystal Singing Bowls Presented by Pamela Teague

Tibetans have used singing bowls for centuries to heal and strengthen the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  Modern crystal bowls applied with some of the ancient principles can bring rapid, effective, balanced results in healing and aligning the four bodies.  Explore how crystal energy can reach through the physical body to support and anchor the positive changes desired by the conscious and subconscious minds. Learn how crystal sound therapy is effective and accelerates and reinforces results in hypnosis. Discover how these techniques can be easily applied with a variety of clients using just a single crystal bowl.

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