Singing Crystal Bowls

Singing Crystal: Calling upon the Higher Realms and the Inner Soul!


Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made up of 99.9% pure quartz crystal in silica form heated to a temperature of approximately 4000 degrees. When they cool, each bowl has become a pure unique vibration of its own choosing.

These unique bowls have the ability to harmonize with our own unique vibration, bringing Earth’s electromagnetic field into our physical consciousness. With this experience comes a kind of memory-jog or heightened awareness of our own unique vibration or actual DNA pattern that brings us into a more consistent alignment with the Earth and Universe, unifying us with all that is vast and intimate that surrounds us.

Thoughts and/or fears that are quite often not even our own, throw us into a state of Dis-Harmony or Dis-Ease or Dis-Accord. This often happens when we attempt to intellectually or emotionally align our own path, beliefs, or DNA (Soul-Path) with someone else’s expectations or beliefs. We first move out of harmony or balance with one of the four major guiding bodies, Mental, Emotional, Physical or Spiritual.

This becomes apparent when one of those bodies is working harder than the rest, ie. too much thinking or fits of sadness and crying.  At times there may be a sense that one is “out of sorts” – almost as if one of these forces is actually working “against” the rest! This creates a “chaotic” state that makes it almost impossible for us to heal/repair ourselves from the day to day energy we expend, much less clearly move towards our goals or open ourselves to the pathways that are our natural calling.

Since we are physically made up of approximately 98% water, our bodies are crystalline in nature. Thus the vibration of the bowls, especially the vibration of a bowl that matches the energy center that is most out of alignment or sometimes seemingly non-existent, can easily speak or “sing” to that part of us.

It can almost instantaneously remind us of the natural harmonic flow that we are so easily and effortlessly a part of. Just like the unique personality that we bring to the world, the bowls also bring their own unique song.

The Hindu tradition, along with many other ancient cultures, have found a correlation between our energy centers and the natural numeric occurrences or patterns of the physical world, often referred to as sacred geometry. They discovered many, many centuries ago how to identify our energy centers with a vibration that can be identified with a visual mode, color, and a numeric vibration called sound.

Today we call these centers Chakras. We can locate and measure them in many different ways. One of the easiest ways to measure them is through the tell-tale patterns of our own voice!

Voice patterns can be tested and recorded with the help of an orchestral tuner. A pattern emerges that shows which energy centers, or Chakras, are strong and which ones are quieter or weaker. Boosting or “opening” the weaker centers with sound or the vibration of that center simply reminds that area of the body of its role in the larger system. This is much like awakening a part of our DNA that has been dormant.

When one weaker or less active center or Chakra becomes reminded of its role, or invited to participate at the level it was designed, then what happens next is quite remarkable in terms of balancing the whole body.

The other Chakras or centers were actually putting forth more energy or effort to compensate for the quieter Chakra. When all are working harmoniously not only can the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies work harmoniously and easily, our whole system can repair and restore itself more easily. When our system is operating at the vibrational level that is closest to its natural pattern then it very easily, almost effortlessly, begins to open and be drawn to the goals and circumstances that are part of our whole Life purpose.

We begin to see the desires we have as part of a natural progression of events in our lives that we can easily move into experience.  Careers become clearer, more focused and effortless.  Finances come into alignment as easily as the ebb and flow of our own breath. Tools to attain these goals and even the means and motivation to place them in our lives, becomes a natural part of Life’s unfolding.

Finding a match between you and a Singing Crystal Bowl personality is quite an easy process. We do this by using a sampling of your voice patterns and recording them to determine which voice tones appear less frequently or sometimes don’t appear in your voice expression. Then we find a Singing Crystal Bowl with those vibrations to awaken or support those tones within you!

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