Class: Journey into the Subconscious!

Beginning October 16th through December 11th Spend Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7:30pm with Pamela on a 7 week Mythic Journey.

Note: October 30th & November 27th will be dark
Cost: $25/class or $140/series

You may want to bring a blanket and pillow to get comfy.
Classes will be held at:
7491 Talbert Ave.
Suite 200-7
Huntington Beach, CA 92648.
Call 714-375-1787 to RSVP!

It is also listed on the OC Register Calendar. 

Come dance in the playground of your own mind…
This is an invitation to journey with me, taking your subconscious back to the misty thoughts when the Universe was just forming and unfolding-the first moments of creation, when wisdom was imparted in earth ~ wind ~ water ~ fire.

This is a time and place to harness the power of these Archetypes and harvest your own personal Power of Transformation! There is a whole world of wonder, amazement, wisdom, and clarity. It is living within you!

Come adventure and explore your own world-setting, gaining and imparting the powerful mystical ancient wisdom of your own heart-In the Spirit of Adventure!