Having More FUN with Hypnosis

Rianna with ThE BeAuTiFuL Sabrina!
This is Sabrina, A Friend and client that I’ve known for a long time. Sabrina LOVES People! She genuinely cares about all of those around her, especially her families. “Families” because she has several! Her work family her birth family AND her Church family! They all LOVE her~ for one of the obvious reasons ~ she not only Loves them, but she LOVES Life! Everything that Sabrina pursues, she pursues with an infectious Joy and Passion! So a few weeks ago when Sabrina found herself called to join the choir at her church, she found herself swept up in the Power and the Joy of the music. So much so that like everything else Sabrina does, she put her heart and soul in learning every note. AND… as usual, the choir LOVED Sabrina… But there is this little thing that was nagging at Sabrina. She got the words and notes to the music down easily. But moving to the music did not come naturally, actually she had convinced herself she could not dance or move to music at all! Of course, one of the things that allows her to excel at her job and everything she pursues is that she has an out and out Drive to fully dive into every aspect of it. So she started listening more intently to music on the radio picking up CD’s and finding a style that matched her own. So when an opportunity for her and her girlfriends at the office to buy tickets to the coming Rihanna concert came up they all said YESSSS!!!
There was only one little glitch in this plan for Sabrina. Every time she had been to a concert and NOW, every time she sang in the choir, she found herself standing stiff as a board. Everyone around her swaying and shaking to the rhythm and Joy of the sound, she almost found herself in FEAR of moving!
NOW… Not only was this Fabulous Rihanna Concert coming up…( with GREAT seats) A BIG Choir celebration was the same weekend at the Church. They had been practicing for weeks and EVERYONE was SOOOO excited they even had some special songs to surprise the minister with! Everything was in place except for Sabrina. She was finding herself almost terrified at the thought of herself standing stiff as a board at a concert where all of her friends were swaying, singing along and dancing to the music. She also began to believe she was the ONLY choir member who could not move and groove with everyone else and realized she was not enjoying the music she had been so excited to learn! So tired of all this rattling around in her head she decided to call me!
I hadn’t seen her in a long time, so it was really FUN to catch up! We had a great visit and as always, she left on a high note, because her subconscious had worked out the problem and was looking forward to trying out the new solutions.
It did not take her subconscious long at all to have a conversation with her physical body and encourage the rest of herself to have a Good time! I got a text just a week later with this picture of Sabrina with Rihanna! Did she have a good time?!?!

Can you tell by the Smile?
At first she didn’t have time to change clothes for the concert, as usual, she was working. That did not even bother her. In the past it might have concerned her that she wasn’t dressed to “fit-in”. They got there and she met someone who invited them back-stage after the concert. She had a FABULOUS time, – they had floor seats so there was plenty of space and opportunity to dance and groove and found herself doing so easily-not the least bit concerned about anyone around her. She found herself completely swept up in the concert and music! The minute she stepped back stage- it was like Rihanna had seen a long lost friend! Sabrina’s birth family is all from Trinidad and the First thing out of Rihanna’s mouth was Oh you’re soooo Beautiful, you Must be from Trinidad! They had a wonderful little talk.
THE Best part, was after an exciting concert and evening- not getting home until 2am she fell right to sleep. Waking up early at 5:30 am… in TOTAL excitement and ANTICIPATION!!! This was the Sunday she got to sing with the choir celebrating the Minister’s anniversary. In a state of JOY she swayed and grooved in perfect time with the rest of her choir mates. She naturally opened herself to both sing and move to every song, gifting her church family with her voice and herself with permission to get caught up in the Spiritual euphoria that music and a special celebration can Bring!

When people ask me what hypnosis is for~ I always want to say, For FUN! ‘cause these are the very best reasons to come have a session!
Hope to see you in my Happy Chair soon!!! Big HUGZZZ P