Hypnosis and Intuituion

Psychic Sign

Developing Intuition with Hypnosis

Ok, you’ll hear me say this more than once~ Because it’s TRUE!!!

ALL Hypnosis is SELF Hypnosis.

The act of hypnosis is tapping into our own mind, and Yes, there are some things that can be “suggested” but those things will not be kept by the mind unless there is a good reason perceived by the mind to keep them. (More on that subject at a later date)

So you ask…WHY would I want to develop my intuition?  I’m not interested in hanging a shingle out on a busy-kinda sleezy corner of town that says “Psychic Readings”

AND there my friend is exactly WHY you want to “develop your Intuition”! It’s YOUR intuition! It’s NOT the local “Psychics’” it’s not your Bosses’ it’s not your partners’ or even your Moms’!  It’s yours! You remember the last time you wanted to make a change in your career and just couldn’t get clear in your mind if you wanted to go into the restaurant biz, paint whales on walls in foreign countries or finish that MBA. You remember, your Mom, Dad and Grandma all assured you the MBA was “your calling” and now you doddle whales in your note book at every meeting and spend your weekend at the Farmer’s Market picking out ingredients and your nights trying new restaurants or new dishes at home…hmmmmm

The paint is drying up in the back of your closet and the worst part is that your fights keep getting worse with your partner or your kids because every Monday morning when you head out to your commute, you seem to notice your stomach turning into a double looped knot that does not release itself until sometime Saturday Morning when you realize you’re not going into work today. Hint Hint…if you aren’t thinking of fun cool ways to make your job grow or change on the weekend or… if you’re not skipping off to work Monday morning, because there’s some new cool project you’re involved with that you know you’re making a difference with your contribution… you might wanna take another look at your intuition.

Hypnosis isn’t always about checking in with your Guardian Angel or tapping into a Past Life or even stopping an annoying little habit like smoking.  Oh, yeah those topics always have really cool amazing stories attached to them, usually from someone who has literally tried EVERYTHING ELSE and now must find their own wisdom or face illness or an ultimatum from their spouse.

It’s not always about Life-changing events in your Life. My business picks up every year around the holidays.  Sometimes the smallest decisions can feel like the Biggest ones!  You know, you’re expected to “show-up” at uncle so and so’s house on a holiday you really want to spend with just the Love of your Life or the kids, ‘cause Aunt so and so ALWAYS starts a fight , and a couple of potentially “alcoholic” cousins get involved, and maybe you had a few more glasses of wine than you intended to, ‘cause you knew this was coming…Yeah, you get the picture.  It’s all usually because you thought someone in the family would be really hurt if you didn’t show up.  You find out years later that they didn’t have “the Nerve” to say they didn’t want to come either!

It’s your wisdom…we live in a very noisy society.  We get noise from our Boss, noise from family beliefs, even noise from those places that believe are providing us with Spiritual guidance for our “best interest”…(it’s often called church)

I’d like to invite you the next time you get all that noise rattling around in your head to step into a hypnosis session. It often only takes one to reacquaint yourself with you and check in and see what serves YOU best!  And if anybody asks just tell them you went for a mental massage!  More questions? Just ask me…You know where to find me… I’m hoping to see you soon in my “Happy Chair”- Smilin’ while you have the MOST enlightening conversation you’ve had since you were a kid with the MOST interesting person you know ~ YOU!

Sending HUGZZZZ P:)